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With a Cherry on Top

In Drinks on December 20, 2010 at 6:45 am

Alright, since I added it to my slide show I’ve decided that I may as well give an explanation: the Margarita isn’t for me. Well it is, but it isn’t. You see, it’s for school. Yes, it’s for school. Before I read Fahrenheit 451 I did not plan on making a margarita. But what can I say? The book drove me to it.
After swirling the cup in water and then sugar, I decided that that was it. I was giving up my dream of becoming a pastry chef. Why stand on your feet for hours pacing to the hot oven and back, rolling dough, staying up at all hours trying to get a frosting recipe just right when you could bar tend?
Forget weighing sugar! Dip the cup to your heart’s content! One cherry on the side? Why not two? An unlimited world of possibilities.
Until of course my brother walked by my Dad with one in hand. Yup, it was all downhill from there. And you know what? As serious as his face was I couldn’t contain myself from bursting into complete and total laughter. It was just so funny.
Later, about five minutes I’d say, when I finally came down from a cloud of giddy and completely uncontrolled laughter, I had to explain. My explanation went something like this:
You see Dad, I’m really sorry. I made it. I just had to let my brother try it.
It’s amazing how smooth and serious a parent’s face can grow when they want it to, that’s when I broke.
Alright, Alright. The “margarita” wasn’t even a margarita. It was maraschino cherry juice, blended with ice cubes, topped with a cherry on the side of a sugared glass. And of course this project was fun but not just for fun, it was for my English class. The “margarita” which wasn’t even a margarita represented a character named Beatty who introduced the fact that drugs and alcohol were completely legal for all age groups their world.

Well that’s what I get for going all out on a project.

The scary thing is that most of the things from Fahrenheit 451, a sci-fi book written 50 years ago, have come true. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be bar tending sooner than I thought. Kidding. I’m only kidding with you Dad.


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