Livin' in the Kitchen

Steamed Chocolate Pudding Cake and Friends

In Pudding on February 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

Refer to the picture below to see how I feel about this past Friday.

So.. know how I told you guys about the Gale Gand event I got to help out with? Well, I e-mailed her Thursday night and said: Can’t wait, see you tomorrow! She didn’t get the e-mail right away. It would figure since she was at the event that night. I messed up the dates. I swear I was going to cry. She was really nice about it and said she’ll find another event that I can help out with; which is amazingly kind of her since I totally messed up the dates. Bah! It’s Saturday and I’m still disappointed.

Friends + Chocolate = Happiness. This simple equation, an equation I really couldn’t have messed up since there were no numbers, led to Claire, Nick, and I hanging in my kitchen Friday night. Here is where we concluded:  chocolate heaven comes in a polka-dotted bowls. 

Steamed Chocolate Pudding Cake from Butter Sugar Flour Eggs is pretty much mind-blowing. Which is why, right when it popped out of the oven, we each treated ourselves to our own bowl. My mom later pointed out the bowl sizes definately did not hold only one serving. Silly mother! Comfort food isn’t supposed to be a single serving!

But it all worked out. Claire and I made a rough running schedule and today was our first morning. Which was a fabulous idea in itself since I SO was not running through the snow alone at 9am.

Later, Claire had homework. Ew. And I had Caribou (yum) at the mall with Liz. Caramel Coolers are the bomb. The point is, friends are amazing. Chocolate Pudding Cake is just about as great. And on my last note, It’s not just me and my jogging clothes. Fashion is on a downward spiral. The exact outfit I’m wearing is what a manican was dressed in.

I guess it takes a much more sophisticated mind to understand fashion…. Poor manican.  


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