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Peanut Butter Marshmallow Hearts and Paintings

In Butterscotch Chocolate Chips, Marshmellow, Peanut Butter on February 14, 2011 at 1:37 am

Know when you have a dream and it makes you smile. You want to share it with someone else, but you know the moment you do the dream won’t be only yours? Well, maybe it’s only me. But instead of a dream, it was an idea for me. For the past few weeks I’ve had this fabulous idea. It was a get-rich-fast plan. Ket word: was. I was going to paint pictures of cakes and sell them on Craigs list. It was an awesome idea until I actually tried… 

Yes. That’s a smooshy cake, smooshed with any hope of making money off of food-art. That painting alone took me thirty minutes to paint and about as long to photoshop. Sad? Trust me, I know. At least Nicky enjoyed it.

The handprints were his favorite. Such concentration!

Sunday morning was quite a productive morning for us as struggling artists. Our wall of art gave me hope. You just never know. Hundreds of years from now we could very well be the next Picasos. Then maybe my great 4x grandaughter/grandson could be living high off Nick and my art gallery. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to start an art gallery of their own to get enough money for college and a second kitchen…

When Nick went to bed I stopped painting. I just didn’t have the attention-span to fill all three windows.  It was probably best, I don’t know how much longer my brother’s abs could have taken laughing. Apparently my pictures were so beautiful, they brought tears of happiness to his eyes. Can you blame him?

I made Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmellow Hearts. I still have no idea if I liked them or not… They combined two of my all-time favorite things, but I still don’t know. They were a little sweet even for me the sugar-addict. Huh. The different flavors of marshmallows wern’t my favorite things ever either, but they are definately adorable! 

Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Hearts

Recipe from Sweetapolita

1 cup butter
1 cup peanut butter
2 bags butterscotch chocolate chips
6 cups multi-colored marshmallows

Line a medium-sized pan with parchament paper so that the paper reaches above the edges. Don’t use a pan that will make these too thick.

In a bowl above simmering water, melt together all ingredients except the marshmellows until there are no longer bumps.

Once melted, take off heat and add the marshmellows. If you want, reserve some marshmellows to stick on the top for garnish.

Pour into pan. Refridgerate until hard.

If desired, use a cookie cutter to make these into shapes. I used a heart!

Easy stuff! They’re done!

On that super sweet note, Happy-Tomorrow-Valentines day!

  1. These look yummy and super cute in the heart shapes! 🙂 Happy valentines day!

  2. I bet your son loved them! They are so cute…..mmmmm

  3. You remind me so much of my daughter 😉 Keep up the good work – both baking and art. I like your cake painting!

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