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Flop: Simply not simple Red Velvet Brownies

In Brownies, Flops on March 8, 2011 at 3:09 am

When you’re a teenage girl having a sleepover, there are a hundred different ways to stay entertained. Movie marathons, walking in the pitch black, talking for hours, making sweets at 1am.
Remember the Powerpuff Girls saying? Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Well, apparently, reality tv and cartoons are one and the same. Cartoons lie too. We followed the Powerpuff girl’s instructions to a T while making red velvet brownies.

We added sugar,

We added spice (more like cocoa and lots of food coloring, which is spice in a different sense. Right?)

And when it turned into a complete disaster (ok, so we were a little slap happy. It was 1am. Liz added a cup more of flour than the recipe called for and I tried to fix it by adding oil… olive oil. Hands down the most disgusting thing ever. ) So we tried to fix it by adding everything nice,

I’m kind of a peanut butter addict so a huge spoonful ended up in the batter.

By the time we were done almost the entire contents of Liz’s kitchen ended up in those brownies. That’s why when Liz’s mom whisper-yelled from upstairs that we had to be quiet, we all dove behind cabinets and finished making brownies on the floor.

  This is the first time I’ve ever refused to take more than two bites of a batch of brownies. It’s also the first-and last- time I smuggle brownies out of a house to throw them in a dumpster (I call this destroying the evidence)..

Don’t be fooled by this overly stunning picture of the brownies…. they were disgusting.

Here, does this put things more in perspective for you?

Needless to say, this was a flop. I will never, ever, ever look at olive oil the same way again. Ever. Half a bottle just doesn’t need to end up in brownies. Or anything for that matter. Gross.

Sometimes, specifically at 1am, keep it simple.


A half bottle of olive oil

And everything else in your kitchen

  1. Love it. This blog will be famous one day.

  2. Hahahaha…the picture of you guys huddled on the floor is priceless! 🙂

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