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St. Patricks Day and Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

In Cookies, Frosting on March 18, 2011 at 3:51 am

Today was a fabulous day. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I’m Irish and lucky…
I came home to find the newest addition to our family, Herold, swimming happily in his aquarium. (He’s one of those “prehistoric animals” that you grow like you’d grow grow your own frogs. Only Herold is much cooler. He doubles in size every day. Check it out!

Pretty cool, eh? He was too small to see three days ago!

Onto the food (which definitely does not include little Herold). We’re Irish and every year my mom makes a St. Patricks day dinner!

(Veggies and Corned Beef boiling)

And then Nick’s favorite..

Irish Soda Bread!!

It may not be considered a “real holiday” but it’s probably one of my favorites. I’m not too sure why, maybe it’s something about the tradition of it? Knowing that an ordinary day can be turned into something so special just by celebration with food? But is a feast ever complete without a dessert? (My father would generally say, yes.) But for me? Never. Which is why I ended up making sugar cookies!

I got to help out at Gale Gand’s last event and she told the audience how whenever she changed up a recipe and made it into something different and not so good, her mother would say something like Well that’s interesting Gale! This is what started the insistent pestering of my mother, why couldn’t you just congradulation me for trying something new? She told me, “When I tell you something is good, you’ll know it’s true.” She rated these cookies a 9. My twin rated them a 10. My father who won’t go near sweets had two cookies and rated them a 10. These babies are definite keepers. Which is why I’m starting to save recipes for my cookbook, this is one of them!


Slap on some frosting, sprinkle on the spirnkles!

Wa-la! Sugar cookies are perfect for St. Patricks day.

Did I mention I got a present? A 24 pound bag of sugar. All I have to say is, You rock Dad.

  1. Love the pale green of the cookies 🙂

  2. Sometimes the classic cookie is the best; my kids have seen thousands of cookies go through my kitchen and yet they still go nuts for a plain, frosted, sugar cookie like these. Go figure.

  3. Cookies look great. Nothing beats a sugar cookie–it’s like my favorite. Congratulations on our sugar. He’s a sugar daddy 🙂

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