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Spilling Rainbows

In Cake, Colorful on March 22, 2011 at 4:59 am

Today. Track. Almost. Killed. Me. Right after I got done with track  I ran to my newspaper room for paste up (the two nights before our magazine goes to print that we stay at school to finish layouts and work).

 My head was throbbing earlier in the day because of my deep passion for uncooperative students that won’t facebook me pictures of them playing their sports. On top of that I’d just done 10, 400’s on the track and wanted to die. Coming home from paste up, I knew I’d have to bake after Pretty Little Liars. Baking this cake was important for three reasons. 

1. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the colors of this cake. I mean, who could frown at this?

2. It’s my friend Becca’s birthday tomorrow and she’s stuck at paste up for the entire night. Then it’s Christine and Katy’s half birthdays. I brought sugar cookies today but…. Naturally, birthdays mean cake.

3. I now get to practice my spanish vocab (Power to the Spanish 1 class! Or should I say Espanol number uno clase?)… Either way, I’ve got to practice this vocab and it may as well be through cake.






y, Morado!!!

Just smooth the top color over the other colors so that there will be a surprise inside the cake! I’m also planning on frosting the cakes before school tomorrow!

It’s so simple! Just divide your batter (1 box of cake) into six separate bowls, and mix with color until your desired color is reached. Pour the first color (closest to the bottom) in and then pour the next color right on top of it! This will push the bottom color to the sides!

Let me say, I have a lot against cake mixes. I mean a lot. It’s so easy to make your own cake, but there were a bunch of mixes in the back of my cabinet so I got lazy and used one. I’m actually growing quite fond of these perservative-infested boxes of sugar and carbs because they can do this…. (when they spill over the edge of your pan)..

Why yes, that is batter that spilled over the edge. It baked 10X faster on the bottom of my oven, rose, and had the same texture as the later cake. Never, ever fill your pans too high with cake mix. They WILL spill over. But if you’re not afraid of the bottom of your oven or plan on changing that…  try spilling some of your cake mix onto the bottom of your oven and let it bake away! So much faster! (Seriously!… Ok, maybe not. And if you do end up trying this, bake at your own risk ; )

I know it’s time for bed because my Shania Twain cd just ended, I’ve gone through all of my colors in Spanish, and I am absolutely fried… Let’s hope tomorrow’s an easy day.

Happy-five-minutes-away Tuesday!

  1. Too cool! My daughter and her friends would so love this. I bet they’d even like to put it together.


  2. How cool! It looks very pretty and inviting.

  3. How pretty! I love the heart shaped pan, too.

  4. I’ll bet you had too much fun making this rainbow cake. That was daring, happy and bright!!

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