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A Ten Layer Cake

In Cake on April 1, 2011 at 5:43 am

For the past four days my parents have been in Vegas. Naturally I’ve been jealous. I mean, a plane ride? New restaurants? Different state? A hotel? Uhm, yes please. Nope. I stayed at home and lived the Vegas dream through facebook, thanks mom. What happens in Vegas, stays in vegas… which is why when I saw the cake my mom posted, I knew I had to make a layered cake.

Three different cake batters…




This cake ended up totaling in about a day of work. This happens to be because I doubled or trippled all three flavors and had two pans of the same size to bake them in. There ended up being 14 layers. That’s a whole lot of oven time.

The layers…

Then came the frosting and assembly stages which became particularly hard when the cake began to lean a little. So what do you do with a leaning cake? Hmm…


Ok. So the cake needed more frosting, but I started to feel a little guilty. The amount of butter and number of bags of powdered sugar that went into just this much frosting was ridiculous. That’s why I tried to cover it up with a chocolate decoration and some pipping…

My friend Danielle came over earlier this afternoon and you know what she did when she saw this cake? She laughed, and not because of its stunning beauty either. Poor, ugly cake. Judging by the size of one ‘small’ piece, I’d say it’s safe to bet that I will be eating this cake until I graduate…

Despite the fact that this leaning cake had to turn into a ‘teapot’ to have a fighting chance at redemption and Danielle’s sneers, I will deem this cake a success.  It was ten layers, three taller than the Vegas cake, and still standing. Sweet success.

  1. Wow, that cake is awesome! I bet it tastes insanely good.



  2. Wow that’s an architectural wonder! My cousin builds cakes and I know when she builds big ones she puts structural support beams and everything inside the cake. Awesome!

    By the way, I nominated you for an award today! Stop by and check it out when you have a chance.

  3. I think it’s cute!!

  4. You go, girl! That is some masterpiece! My family does not care what a cake looks like as long as it’s tasty with loads of frosting…I think you’ve covered both.

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