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Simple Yogurt and Coloring Books

In Yogurt on April 10, 2011 at 5:49 am

Erica got her license and let me say, freedom is pretty sweet. We’re living it high: eating at Emils, driving to wallgreens for cookie dough mix/muffin mix, hopping out of the car to move a cart that’s clearly sitting in the parking space we want, toasting freedom and summer plans with beer nuggets:

 And kid you not, buying coloring books.

It’s weired when you feel yourself growing up. Mary Beth had had the first day of her photography internship that afternoon, Erica had just finished filling out job applications when she picked me up, and I’d just said yes that morning to interning… FOR GALE GAND!

I’m an awful sick person. I don’t sit miserably on the couch like my mother would like. I pace. I bake food no one else will eat. I cook food no one else will touch. But, honestly, being sick knocked it out of me. If a coloring book of ducks could bring that much joy to highschoolers, then a simple parfait could bring joy to me too. No home-made granola, no home-made yogurt. I kept it simple, easy, and actually enjoyed my Law and Order Special Victims Unit marathon. 

I had it for lunch and loved it! All it was: Fat-free blueberry yogurt, store-bought vanilla granola, strawberries (repeat)… Put a small dab of cool whip on top and you’re set to go, it’s like a lunch and dessert all in one!…. this will not become a habit, I still kind of wish I’d made homemade granola, but I guess everybody needs a rest day.

Happy Sunday!

  1. Gorgeous colour of the yoghurt! Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

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