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Crossing Cake Abuse off Life-Lists

In Cake, Mexican on May 1, 2011 at 4:39 am

Visit every state, square dance in Texas, cliff dive, start singing/jamming to my favorite song in a packed and silent elevator–making already-awkward situations more awkward is my specialty–, learn French,  be proposed to via dessert, drive a pickup truck with a treadmill in the back.
Among my list of must-do’s, I got to cross of one thing today! Make Tres De Leches cake. It’s true. I’ve been afraid to do it forever, I’m not sure why. It was so easy! But after 3 years of Spanish, I now understand 3/3 of the words in the dessert’s name and feel fully qualified to take on the cake. Or should I say pastel? Alright, now I’m showing off.

Tres Leches Cake
Recipe from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles
1 3/4 cake flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 stick butter
5 eggs
1 cup sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven 350F
Mix the dry ingredients together
Cream the butter then slowly add the sugar. Add eggs one at a time on slow, then slowly stir in vanilla, pour into a butter and floured pan– 13X9.
Bake 20-25 minutes, take out of the oven and allow to cool 30 minutes then transfer to another slightly larger pan with sides that will hold the liquid, poke loads of holes in the cake using a toothpick and allow to finish cooling.

Wait… are you kidding me? I get to poke a bunch of holes in a cake that actually came out in one piece? Surely you’re kidding me…

The Topping
12oz can evaporated milk
14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup half-and-half

Pour all the cans into a bowl and whisk together until just incorporated, pour over your cooled hole-poked cake.
(This should sit over-night in the fridge! If you’re impatient like me, start early in the day and take it out later at night. This gives the cake time to soak in all the creams!)

I used a little container to pour the creams over the cake…

Whipped Cream Topping
2 cups heavy cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar (I used a few tablespoons more… I like it sweet!)
1 tsp. vanilla (I also added a little more of this)
Cinnamon for top garnish
Maraschino cherries, rinsed off so that it does not stain the white of the cream topping.

Whisk the heavy cream until it’s just about come together, add the powdered sugar, then add vanilla. Don’t over-whip!
Spread the mixture over the refrigerated cake.


My dear, picky, friend Lizzie ate this. Quite frankly, she devoured the most part of it. This is literally one of the most delicious cakes I think I’ve ever had/made. Plus it’s so easy! It’s not one of those cakes that’s going to crumble in your hands, you can throw it around a little. And let’s face it… who doesn’t want to be able to abuse a cake a little? Poke a bunch of holes in it, drown it in creams, smoother it in whipped cream? I can now also cross off something I never even thought of putting on my must-do-life-list… abuse a cake.

  1. Hello
    Cake looks great but wait a minute: how many eggs?

    • Thank you so much! I get to typing fast when it’s late and accidently forget things, I just double checked and nothing else was left out… and now there are eggs in the cake recipe! 🙂

  2. wow that shot when u pour the topping onto the cake is amazing!! i love dulce de leche so i can imagine this must be triply awesome! haha a great list of to dos 😉

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