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Culinary Schools and Sugar Cookies

In Chicago, Cookies, Culinary Experiences on July 26, 2011 at 4:39 am

Today I visited The French Pastry school! I can’t really describe the feeling of being there better than this: I was in deep love. I am in deep love. And I will always be in deep love. During the school’s longest pastry program (6 months) students cover over 600 recipes in two different textbooks. Like I said, I’m in love. I made sugar cookies the other day and thought to myself : not a whole lot of things could light up my day more than a flower sugar cookie with sprinkles. These textbooks the exception.

Here’s the recipe I used… The reason I’m not posting it in full is because I followed it directly and just wasn’t impressed with the result. The cookies weren’t super moist and they didn’t make any further appeal by flavor. The cookies ended up serving as less of a treat I wanted to indulge in, and more of a canvas for art. I’ve yet to find my perfect royal icing recipe. I’ll keep trying. But in the mean time I can’t help but wondering; maybe it’s hidden somewhere in those 600 recipes.


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