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Cake Competition

In Culinary Experiences on April 30, 2012 at 3:32 am

One week ago I was scrambling… Scrambling…. Scrambling…. That’s what I tend to do when there are deadlines and cake competitions. Scramble. Which is how I wound up in foods class- the last period I had before we got on a bus for Springfield for the FCCLA cake competition- throwing dye and fondant at people. A handful of people, each had a different colored food dye, dyed fondant for me. What can I say? I’ve got a great foods class.

Unfortunately, the weather hadn’t caught on that we were working with fondant. Fondant and rain are like chocolate and water. You don’t mix them. You just don’t…. Luckily though, my three bags and cake made it safely onto the bus.

My cake competition’s category was carved fondant cakes. For the FCCLA cake competition the rules say that you must have your cake carved and covered before you get there, but nothing more…. The theme I chose to do was Jack and the Beanstalk. So I carved the book, crumb coated it, covered it in frosting. And then called in the muscle.

Having a cop/construction worker for a dad pays off…. Even when he makes an arrest on fondant night. My dad and I woke up at 6am on Thursday morning so that he could roll out my packs of fondant so that I could cover the cake.

It took a long flipping time. And even after that, I had to trip and smooth. Can you believe I still made it to school on time? I can’t….

The pages are what took up about 15 hours of time, though…. It was a true labor of love. The pages were fondant and had to be rolled out in a pasta machine. After that they had to be cut by hand into thin slices, then layered on top of eachother. I couldn’t even guess how many sheets were rolled out…. all I know is that it is possible to multi-tast. Because after Maisie and I were kicked out of the foods rooms we stayed and watched our volleyball team place, while making and stacking fondant pages at a volleyball came. Pasta machine and everything.

I would give you a picture of the final product but I recently dropped my phone one too many times… The screen has been cracked, and cracks more each time it drops. But this time it seems that I dropped the Sims cards along with it. Now I’m sim-less and picture-less:(

We know the results, hopefully, next week! I’ll let ya know.