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Circular Culinary Dreams

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These past months have been filled with straight up craziness. I’m working on cooking through Gale Gand’s show, Sweet Dreams, and taking pictures of all the dishes for her website that’s being redesigned.


I’ve also been busy going to classes at Cacao Barry where French men talk in French accents while making mini chocolate delights..



Working/stashing at a gorgeous Italian fine-dining restaurant called Spiaggia downtown chicago where executive chef Sara Grueneberg has recently recreated her winning top chef finale courses for diners!

 (left: Cece Campise– Head Pastry Chef    Right: Sarah Grueneberg– Executive Chef)


Was paid to help Cece make and plate desesrts for Stephen Hamilton’s magazine launch! –Who’s Hungry?


Gale paid me to make 1,000 butterballs rolled in vanilla bean sugar as a texture component for the dessert she’d composed for the James Beard dinner. You wouldn’t believe it. But all 1,000 of these babies were baked in just 8 minutes thanks to the help of Andy and the Hilton Hotel’s magical multi-shelved ovens.


Lately I’ve been doing everything I possibly can to make and save enough money to go to Italy for cooking this summer. Last month I recieved a scholarship for the Program in International living that gives me a half scholarship! So far I’ve raised, just from baking, $1,110 towards Italy.  I try to sell something at school almost every day, the most popular item has been our mini-rainbow cakes!


A week ago I went to our Elawa Farm Sanitation class–  the class that signifies that Elawa farm is once again flourished with crop and ready for people to fill the kitchen again. As I sat in the sanitation class with all the familiar faces, I smiled. Life is a lovely circle, and with its arms wrapped around me I felt nothing but breathtaking happiness. People and food are a beautifully binding combination. And as I looked at Gale I realized that she’d known it all along.


If you find time stop by Elawa farm in Lake Forest this summer! (Above are cupcakes that Gale Gand -head chef at Elawa Farm- designed for the Mothers Day Market!)


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