Livin' in the Kitchen



 Food is more like people than you’d think. There’s the side of food shown on glossy books that sit on Barnes and Noble displays. But there’s also an ugly side to food, the dreaded flops. I don’t think you can ever truly appreciate a person without seeing the rougher side to them, so how can I fully appreciate my favorite recipes when I choose to erase the failures? I can’t.

 So here lie the flops.

Swiss Rolls
Marbled Swiss Roll
Avocado Cupcakes

Pineapple Chicken

Red Velvet Brownies

  1. Jess, The problems with your 10 layer cake: Layers too thick; you need to slice each of your layers in half, at least. You also need to use a heavier cake batter, no light and fluffy cakes will do; go for a flourless or heavy butter/pound cake. One of my secrets: King Author Flour, great ingredients, great recipes, great tips. Too much frosting for the cake to support and you need to do a better job brushing off the crumbs from the cake before you frost. Your “crumb layer” of frosting should be a little heavier, as well. I worked at the best bakery in the northern suburbs, Country Maid Bakery, in high school; Deerfield’s took the cafe idea from Country Maid, as well as a number of Country Maid’s recipes when it closed. And did you know when we lived in GO I also baked somewhat professionally for a while? I sold my cupcakes, cookies and birthday parties to a restaurant in Des Plaines and did catering for my church and its parishoners. It’s really hard to make money doing it on your own. If you ever need any help, call or text; Danielle has my number. But it seems your whole family is into this! Fabulous Family, I admire you all. Keep up this blog; add more videos…I see a tv show in your future.

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